Penguicon header - Virtual Con

We’d like you to join us at Virtual Penguicon this year!

What is Virtual Penguicon?

Since many presenters for Penguicon this year worked on their event presentations ahead of time and wanted some way to share that with our Penguicon attendees, we decided to help make that possible.  This weekend, you can join presenters via their streaming method of choice to see a small portion of what was planned for this year.

How can I find out what is happening?

We are using our Sched scheduling platform to track virtual presentations, so you can use it to view which virtual events are happening and plan which ones you’d like to see. There’s no fees or registration necessary! Please (virtually) come and support other community members who want to share their knowledge with you.

Schedule of Events for Virtual Penguicon

How can I volunteer to present? 

If you had already been accepted to be a presenter prior to Penguicon 2020 going virtual and have the ability to present your panel/demo virtually, then you will need to fill out the Virtual Penguicon Sign Up Form no later than 4/23/20 by 8pm.  If you are streaming your panel, we would like you to keep to the schedule that we had set up as much as possible. 

If you want to present a panel that has not already been accepted into programming for Penguicon this year, WELCOME!  We are eager to hear your idea. Please fill out the Virtual Penguicon Sign Up Form no later than 4/23/20 by 8pm, and someone will contact you to let you know if we’re able to add your presentation.

How, technically, can I plan a presentation?

Any streaming platform that is open to the public (with a password or not) can be used for your event, whether it’s Zoom, Google Video Hangouts, or various open source alternatives. 

Please keep in mind that people may not have a lot of time to figure out software with steep learning curves or long installation processes, which may reduce your audience size. You may also offer a pre-recorded presentation that you can share a link to.

Penguicon does not have an official platform that we endorse.

As the currently most popular platform, Zoom offers free use for up to 100 people for 40 minutes at a time. Google Hangouts generally works for groups smaller than 10, including presenters, but is very accessible for most people.

What about a Virtual Room Party?

Fill out the form! We’ll let everyone know about your socialization plan. You can give it a theme, suggest cosplay for those attending, drinks bingo, stitch-n-bitch, movie simulcast, or anything you’d like (within reason).

How about the Maker Market?

Please see our Maker Market vendors via Sched to find out more about the people we chose for our Market in 2020! Some Makers will be hosting live pre-scheduled videos!

Please check them out and support our Marker Market, as most vendors have lost a big part of their livelihood when the convention season dried up, and the ConCom really tried to highlight some excellent artists and creators for you this year.

On a brighter note, you may see some of the ConCom, who normally would be frantically running around the hotel, during these streaming events! We’ll be there to enjoy them right along with you as participants.