Join the Maker Market

Intended to highlight our community artists, Penguicon’s Maker Market spotlights crafts, art, and electronic projects.

Makers are selected by the Con Committee based on quality, variety, type of merchandise, relevance to the Penguicon concepts (Open Source and SF or general fandom), and whatever adds the most to the Penguicon experience.

This year, we are not accepting resale vendors. We welcome resale vendors to contact to talk about a sponsor table.

All artists will have a brief description and product photo available on our web site, and will be advertised to our very active Facebook group before the convention, where you can interact with the community in advance, and help build excitement for your artwork.

You will also have a presence on a large map in the main thoroughfare and souvenir book, so whether you are in front of the main hall or in the secured room, your table won’t be missed by our 1,500+ attendees.

The Maker Market is a juried space so we will be selecting applicants early next year and will let you know your status then.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact


  • IMG_9265One Table (approximately 6’x30″): $125 (1 Attendance Badge Included) 
  • Two Tables: $180 
  • Each Maker may purchase one additional attendance badge at the Special Maker Market rate of $25 (maximum of two per Maker).
  • Benefits: The ability to be open after Maker Market hours, your name in our souvenir book and on the Maker Map

The typical Maker hallway table is in a relatively high traffic area and is expected to be manned during our stated Maker Market hours – however, you may stay open as long as you like.

These tables are in a public access location, meaning that if you shut down for the day,  you must remove your merchandise and displays. No storage is allowed on or under the table overnight.


  • IMG_9192One Table (approximately 6’x30″):  $155 (1 Attendance Badge Included) 
  • Two Tables: $240 (limited availability)
  • Each Maker may purchase one additional attendance badge at the Special Maker Market rate of $25 (maximum of two per Maker).
  • Benefits – a secured room outside of Maker Market hours, your name, photo, and brief description in our souvenir book, and your name on the Maker Map

NOTE: We will make special exceptions for people with unusual circumstances, (for example, exceptionally large artwork), please inform us of your needs by contacting us if necessary!